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My name is Mike and I assume that you being here probably means that, just like me, you might’ve found Georges St-Pierre’s workout training course: GSP Rushfit. However, with so many home fitness programs out there (along with many scams), people inevitably start to get suspicious about these products. Just like me once, you are probably asking many questions such as if Rushfit is worth buying or if it is the best workout program out there. Well, sit back and relax, because fortunately I created this site to give you all the information you need, along with my no BS Rushfit Review here. I will clear all your doubts such as what it is, who it is suitable for, how it works and where to buy it with the least risk. I hope that the information you find here may help you decide on buying Rushfit, or just forget about it completely.

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What is Rushfit?

Rushfit is an 8-week training series created personally by MMA world champion Georges St-Pierre, mostly known as GSP (search him if you want, he’s the real deal regarding the sport). It seems to focus on improving your strength and conditioning in order to achieve the fit body that most people desire. However, unlike many other home fitness programs, it’s unique because it claims to be the exact same training plan that GSP himself uses to prepare for his professional fights. Together with his personal trainer and coach, Erik Owings, he built this fitness program to help him win his fights, which apparently has allowed him to become the champion as he is today. The people behind the creation of Rushfit want to help everyday people just like you and me build muscle, lose weight and get in shape without having to be a professional fighter or pay for an expensive personal coach.

Their intentions do indeed seem to be genuine, but does Rushfit really deliver it? I asked this question myself, so I continued doing  a little more research about the product before actually buying it. Here’s more of what I found:

How can Rushfit help me?

The MMA inspired GSP Rushfit training program was initially designed to improve his performance in ring. However, it seems that the conditioning results that you will see on your body will still be the same – regardless if you’re a MMA fighter or not. The Rushfit fitness program focuses on six primary training areas:

  • Strength
  • Endurance
  • Core Stability
  • Power
  • Flexibility
  • Balance and Agility

In order to target each of these areas, GSP and his trainer Mike Owings themselves designed 7 high intensity workouts routines which last 45 minutes each. These workouts consist of what fitness experts call circuit training – a series of highly efficient and powerful exercises, broken down into five separate 5-minutes rounds. The high intensity involved in Rushfit results in a quick burn up of calories (possibly making you leaner) and stimulates muscles (making you stronger). I got curious and went on to search more about this whole circuit thing. The results I saw apparently backed it up – some of the sources even stating that it could be one of the most efficient training methods known today. For those who might not be too fit (like me :-) ) and the high intensity profile of the training scares you (don’t worry, it’s completely normal), Rushfit includes three different schedules for each level of difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. In my case, I decided to stick with the intermediate level. Again, if interested you can read my Rushfit review to check how my experience with it was and what I thought of it.

Additionally, the GSP Rushfit program includes a full on Nutrition Guide that seems to help you fuel your body and make the most of each exercise. The book gives information about the best foods to eat, what to avoid, when to eat them, etc. From what I know, the consensus among experts is that eating healthy does indeed help increase endurance and build more strength to complete the workouts. My physician herself said this to me when I asked her about what she thought about the subject.

What will I get if I order Rushfit?

In case you order the Rushfit home fitness program like me, you will receive 6 DVDs along with 2 printed training guides to help with the actual training and your nutrition. In each of the DVDs, you will see several videos starring Georges St-Pierre with his trainer, Mike Owings coaching and accompanying you through each and every one of the workouts. The GSP Rushfit home fitness program also provides to its buyers a 60 Day No-Hassle Guarantee, meaning that if you aren’t 100% satisfied with the product, you may ask for a refund and have all your money back. More on this when I explain where to buy it.Rushfit Box Set

Who is GSP Rushfit program designed for?

Anyone. Okay, maybe not literally anyone, let me make myself a little more clear. Any person who has the willpower, desire and initiative to redefine his or her body and in need of change. I really mean this, none of the training will actually work for you if you lack the determination and will to improve your health and change the way you look along with how others see you. A fit, strong body reflects confidence, perseverance and power, which in turn creates respect and approval from others. Rushfit claims to be designed to attend to all fitness levels (Remember the 3 difficulty levels?). According to what I searched from other reviewers out there, it’s generally agreed that Rushfit is a very flexible program that will actually adapt to your needs, not the other way around. Its short 45-minutes workouts fit even the tightest of schedules, so even if you are an occupied businessman you should be able to complete it. Gender also doesn’t make a difference. The GSP Rushfit training series was designed to serve men and women equally, giving the same results to everyone.

Where to Buy Rushfit?

The most important piece of advice I can give you regarding this topic is simply: don’t buy from third party stores or resellers. It’s much better and safer to buy Georges St-Pierres training program from the Rushfit official site.

The reason for this is because most third party vendors such as Amazon or people at Ebay will usually sell it at much higher prices. Think about it, they need to make money on top of the original price they paid from the official merchant. It’s simple math really, if they buy for $X they need to sell for $X + the amount of profit they want to make from it. In the other hand, when buying from the official site you can be assured that it’s the lowest price in the market because they don’t need to cover for the same expenses, they sell for the original price.

Also, in case you choose to buy from the official site, you gain a 60-day full money back guarantee. Meaning, if you purchase GSP Rushfit and before 60 days, isn’t feeling completely satisfied with it, you can ask for all your money back. Other vendors will usually not offer this advantage. This happened to be a HUGE factor while I myself decided whether to buy it or not. Of course, some people don’t care about risking their money, so it isn’t a real issue for them – but for many like you and me, it’s crucial to have this buying safety. Fortunately, everything went ok for me and I didn’t have to make use of it (but you never know right?)

So if you’re interested in buying Rushfit after reading this load of information (sorry, just wanted to be as thorough as possible ;-) ), go ahead and click on the link below to be taken to the official website and best of luck with your training!

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Best Guide To GSP Rushfit

George St-PierreIf you’re here, this probably means that in some way, you might be interested in purchasing the program GSP Rushfit, but maybe still isn’t 100% sure about doing so.

Well, if that’s the case then stick with me because I’ll be giving you a brief but complete tour of the main features of Rushfit and some specific details of the program so you can be better prepared to take your decision.

The Rushfit training created by George St-Pierre has so far been bought by many people. Unlike other home fitness programs, it stands upon a different approach in relation to its exercises, where everything is based on the fighting style of Mixed Martial Arts.

For this reason, I decided to create some kind of guide to GSP Rushfit to complement my review in order demystify the secrets behind George St-Pierre’s training.

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My Best Guide To GSP Rushfit – Intro

First things first, before diving deeply into each part of the training, you need to know how this fitness product is divided and structured. Well, there are six DVDs that come with each order of  GSP Rushfit. Each of them concentrates in different areas of training such as conditioning or strengthening and are designed to complement one another. You’ll need to follow them in order and complete each one before moving on to the next. The six primary training areas are…

Strength & Endurance Workout

In this part of the program, you’ll be introduced to a MMA style circuit training, which consists on 5 high intensity circuits that will burn more fat and improve your endurance. The main objectives with this section is to better prepare you for the next DVDs. The circuit training has a really high intensity and tries to simulate the same adrenaline that GSP faces in his fights. With this workout, it’s possible for you to see yourself leaning out, gaining strength and resisting more fatigue. In this part, all you muscles are stimulated such as chest, back, arms and legs. It will help you endure more training and thus be able to complete the whole fitness program without the need to give up in the middle due to exhaustion.

Abdominal Strength and Core Conditioning

Some people firmly believe that the most important part of your body is your core, your abs. It’s your core that enables you to control your body movement and maintain balance on any kind of activity. It’s an essential part of being able to execute each exercises properly, and without a trained core, you’ll probably start to fall behind on the training for not being able to control your body. For this reason, this section of GSP Rushfit specifically targets your abs with the same 5 high intensity circuit style training. Your core transfers power from your lower to your upper body – so a strong core will help you gain more overall strength in order to perform each exercise properly throughout the rest of the training.

The Fighting Conditioning Workout

This DVD is probably one of the most challenging, yet most fun of all 6 that you get. This part makes you mimic actual fighting techniques so that you can 1) Improve coordination and how well you are able to use your muscles, and 2) have a efficient cardio workout. Some buyers have actually complained about this DVD because they think the fight movements are too complex and difficult to perform. However, from my own experience, I can say that even though this may be true for the first few times you try it, after a week you will already have mastered most of the techniques presented to you. This is a feature that differentiates GSP Rushfit from other home fitness program and must not be ignored.

Explosive Power Training

This area of training concentrates on increasing your explosiveness – generating explosive muscles for fast results. Fitness trainers and experts call this type of activity plyometric exercises, which consists on intense burst of maximum power that you create with your muscles. Plyometric training is the foundation of all bodybuilding routines and are the most effective exercises in terms of building muscle and gaining strength. In this section, you’ll literally feel your muscle fibers twitch as you explode with power – a good sign that your muscles are responding to the stimulus you are giving them, meaning that they are building up.

Full Body Strength And Conditioning

Firstly, for an example of this DVD check out my video sneak peek of Rushfit. As you begin the closing phase of your training, this section is when you’ll see the most visible results and changes to your body. It basically aims to workout your whole body and improve your conditioning. After completing this part, you’ll see yourself leaner, more defined, and stronger. You’ll also greatly improve your stamina and ability to resist fatigue, achieving the ultimate conditioning. The training is intense and exhausting, maybe even more than the previous ones, but is the one that will produce most visible benefits.

 Bonus Workouts – 2 GSP Rushfit Workouts

Finally, the final training chapter. You’ve already lost a lot of pounds and probably has increased your strength significantly – all of this reflected on your leaner and more sculpted body. This DVD contains two extra workouts that help you with the finishing touches and finally end the training.

The first DVD focuses on stretching for flexibility and prevention of muscle injuries. As you may know, before every exercise, you need proper warm-up and stretching to maximize the results you’ll get and improve your performance during the activity. This section will aid you by outlining the best stretch exercises and tips on how to prevent injuries.

The second workout teaches balance and agility through another MMA inspired circuit training. You’ll gain speed, power and balance that will complement with the conditioning benefits you had already gained. This is another fun and interesting workout that is worth spending some time mastering.

My Best Guide To GSP Rushfit – Final Thoughts

After reading this complete guide to GSP Rushfit, you might’ve got some idea of how this fitness program is structured and the basic methods that it uses. Each and every one of these exercises is aimed to help you accelerate the process so that in 8 short weeks, you’ll already be in a much better physical form than when you first started. I hope I was able to clarify your doubts and possibly help you come up with a buying decision that is good for you. Thank you for reading and good luck on your strive towards a fit body!

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Rushfit Video Sneak Peek

As requested by many people that were interested in the mma conditioning program, Rushfit, I researched around a little and was able to get exclusive previews of some of the actual exercises that are in the DVDs. In the video shown below, you’ll have a better idea of the high intensity training that I mentioned throughout my other posts (if you didn’t please check out this page to discover everything you need about Rushfit). You could also check out the best GSP Rushfit review here. Ok, so here it is:

Intense isn’t it :-P ? Well, nobody said that getting fit was going to be easy in the first place. As you saw, George St-Pierre HIMSELF performs the exercise with you, while his own personal trainer keeps coaching you. He gives detailed information and tips for each movement you need to make, helping you execute them better. You also saw how he keeps motivating you from start to finish just like an actual live personal trainer in a gym. I hope you could get a good idea of the structure of the program and good luck on your training!

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How To Buy Rushfit And Not Get Scammed

I assume that you found this page because you’re looking to buy Rushfit correct? Well, if that’s the case, then I’m glad that you did so before actually buying it. There are so many ways that you can purchase it that sometimes it can get difficult to decide how to do so. I created this website to give people like you useful information, as well as my honest review (which may be the best Gsp Rushfit review you’ve seen so far), so that you can make the right choices before deciding to buy it. Please read along so I can help you make the process much easier and most importantly… CHEAPER!
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A Genuine Rushfit Review

I believe that you arriving on this page must mean that you are looking for a honest Rushfit review right? Well, let me first tell you that you’re at the right place my friend.

However, in case you still don’t know much about the product and want to learn a little more, then please read about everything you need to know about Rushfit right here before diving into my review. If, on the other hand, you already decided on buying Rushfit then please read some of my tips that can prevent you from being scammed.

If you’re still hanging around, then let me tell you about all my experiences with the home fitness program Rushfit. I will discuss everything from the actual delivery of my products, the benefits, the difficulties and lastly, give you a tip about the best place to buy it from. Hopefully, I will be able to help you decide whether or not to purchase the home fitness program GSP Rushfit.

Rushfit Official Website

My Best GSP Rushfit Review

First of all, I have to say that I was impressed with the easiness of the whole buying process. I  ordered Rushfit online through their site and it arrived within the correct estimated dates. The six DVDs contained different workouts that aimed different areas of fitness. They were: Strength and Endurance workout, Abdominal Strength & Core Conditioning (Somewhat boring, but effective), The Fighting Conditioning Workout (Fun AND effective), Explosive Power Training (This was personally the toughest), Full Body Strength and Conditioning, and two bonus workouts that served to further complement the program. I also received a printed guide that contained all the workouts and tips mentioned in the training videos (for those who prefer reading), along with the special nutrition guide offered by Rushfit.

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The Circuit Training in GSP Rushfit

Hi there!

In case you read my other posts such as all you need to know about Rushfit or my honest Rushfit Review (if not, please do so as it has tons of useful tips and info about the product, like how to buy Rushfit), you might know a little about the workout type followed in the program – circuit training. In this post, I will be addressing this  method of exercising by talking about what it is, the advantages, disadvantages and ultimately how it affects the results you get from GSP Rushfit.

So let’s begin…

What it Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a type of body conditioning used by the home fitness program Rushfit, that consists of short periods of resistance training and high intensity aerobics. Its main purpose is to provide an easy to follow workout routine that targets strength building, muscular endurance and fat burn. Basically, after performing one exercise for a certain time or repetitions, you go on to another exercise that targets another set of muscles.

One clear and easy example of a circuit training workout would be the following: Read the rest of this entry